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What is Sublimation?

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What is Sublimation?

Sublimation, in the advertising and printing industry is the adopted term for the transfer of a printed image from a paper to an object. usually these objects are made out of ceramic, glass, aluminum, fabric, neoprene, and stainless steel like mugs, plates, bottles, shirts, caps, coolers, etc.

Although the word SUBLIMATION has its origins away from printing, it has been adopted by the industry because of the effect of the Sublimation ink to change phase from liquid to gas state, skipping the liquid phase. That is what SUBLIMATION really means as a scientific term.

The Sublimation Technique and the elements used in it, will have a major importance on the results we expect in terms of quality and efficiency. The use of high quality ink, paper, heat press and the different types of blank products that we require to print, are very important to obtain the best product in brightness, color, intensity and durability. It is important to note that in order for this technique to work properly, all these blank products have to be made out of polymer or have a polymer coating. This polymer coating is the key factor that allows the ink to stay permanently on the blank product, so you have to avoid using products that are not suitable for Sublimation. Color Make™ Company and our products are your best choice not only for our high quality key elements we have mentioned before, but for our service that will give you stability and assurance in your investment.

What do I need to sublimate?

In theory, you only need a printed image (with the right ink and paper) a blank product and a suitable heat press for the corresponding object. So, you will need:

– Desk Printing Machine (or plotter).

Color Make™ Sublimation Paper. 

Color Make™ Sublimation Ink.

Heat press machine (cylindric, conic or flat)

– Computer with any design software (Power Point, Corel Draw, Illustrator, PhotoShop, etc.)

– Knowledge of sublimation factors like temperature and time (You can see hour tutorial videos on our website)

To stay informed about important details and tendencies in the sublimation industry, contact us on the corresponded section or visit our blog and Youtube Channel so you can access to our tutorials.

You have everything you need on Color Make™, finally there is no need to keep looking.


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