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Sublimation Ideas

Colormake / Sublimation Ideas
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Customize you polyester bag

Many times we wish to carry a bag where we can have all the things we need. One solution is to use our polyester bag. These are used by women but it is also for men! because of his utility and size. Color Make™ offers our...

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Customize a 750 ml bottle

A bottle is a product that we regularly use to keep our liquids. It is in our presence for trips, celebrations, at the office or later at the gym.  Color Make TM takes this opportunity to offer a large variety of white customizable bottles, mostly made...

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Customize a can

You have surely seen tons of places where you can see cans with fun designs for people of all ages. Now it is possible to make of your own. And the best part is that this can is reusable and you can keep as long...

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Customize your traveler bottle

We are usually seeking the best product to keep our liquids longer with a desired temperature, in this case the best option is the double wall bottle. This keeps your tea or coffee hot for even a longer time than regular bottles, as well as...

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Print a mug for the little ones

Even though we have tons of customizable products in our stores, mugs have always been one of our main products. Even with different kinds of mugs. In this occasion we would like to present you our conic polymer mug. Specially designed for kids because besides...

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Print a white cap

We shouldn't forget about a product that has been widely used from a very long time. Caps are used not only on sports or for sun protection but also at any place. They are often used by franchise, companies and teams as uniforms or for...

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Customize a Canvas and Nylon purse

Print a bag or purse? Customize it with a delicate feminine touch? Yes, it is possible using sublimation technique. A purse could be the favorite item for women and if you better yet if you can customize it at will.  Color Make™ offers a white hand...